Touch Of Relief Massage, LLC


"Julie is a great massage therapist.  She is extremely knowledge of new massage techniques.  If you want to feel better make sure and get with her." ...Phil R

'I have been seeing Julie for over 5 years.  In fact she now treats my whole extended family ages 88 to 16.  She is the most amazing therapist for deep tissue massage yet her skills for softer massage can soothe the muscles of those who prefer a softer touch.  I will follow Julie anywhere! "... Julie S.

" Julie is my renewal technician.  If you have never experienced her therapy, you are neglecting your body.  Julie is not the first massage therapist I've been to but she will be my last !"  Gary S

"Julie makes my shoulders feel better every time!"... Lori O

"Julie is magical!  She is knowledgeable, has many massage techniques to make you feel better and is always looking for different ways to bring you relief.  I am a longtime follower."  ...Leah G